Why Start Appena Travel?

I previously traveled the Great Ocean Road in Australia during peak season. Walking the path to view the sun kissed coastline, there was a bus of tourists that arrived at the same time. They were hustling around, trying to find the perfect angle for a selfie, even trying to shoo away other tourists in prime locations before rushing to the next major tourist destination. Some of these individuals only saw the location through the phone’s view despite physically stepping on the very ground they were so desperately trying to photograph. I remember thinking to myself how unfortunate it was that someone could miss the soul of their physical surroundings and be so emotionally detached from experiencing a new country.


Stop. Take a close look around. Breathe in the air. Touch the earth.

This is the reason why I decided to start Appena Travel. Sure, we all want vacation pictures to look back on, but remember to stop. Take a close look around. Breathe in the air. Touch the earth. Feel the beating heart of the world around us. See the extraordinary in every moment. I hope the experiences shared through this blog will encourage others to stop the vacation hustle and enjoy each moment, whatever the chosen itinerary may be.