A Walk Through Buffalo Botanical Gardens

The Buffalo Botanical Gardens is one of my favorite buildings to look at. It is one of the few larger Victorian conservatories found in the States. Not only is the tri-dome esthetically pleasing, but once inside you can find cute seating among the flora, fountains, and even an oversized checkerboard to play.



The Botanical Gardens are located a few minutes drive from the city center in South Park. The park itself was designed in 1894, while the gardens were opened in 1900. The structure was based on the Crystal Palace in England, which was known for the mass amount of sheet glass used throughout the structure. 


When you walk into the gardens, take a moment to scope out what hangs above. You first walk into the domed area, which is a must see for anyone interested in the architecture. There are many flowers and vines stretching out overhead throughout the gardens as you walk through the different houses.  


I happened to visit when one of my favorite flowers found here was in bloom. This is called a Powder Puff, and it makes all of House 11 smell sweet. These little pom-pom like flowers attract hummingbirds, and butterflies when planted outside.


There are many bubbling fountains, bird houses, and art strewn throughout the botanical houses. Some fo these figurines and art are easily missed if rushing through, so make sure to take a leisure stroll so you don't miss the little things hidden in the ivory and doorways. 


House 4 in the gardens is one I really love because of the range of different cacti and succulents that are housed here. In the middle of the House 4 is a mock setup of how the plants would naturally grow, which includes barrel cacti, agave, and prickly pear cacti.


My favorite area at the gardens though is House 3, which is the Asian Rainforest. The newly added Moon Gate and statues strewn about are really nice, and there is also an area dedicated to bonsai.


The tea house is my absolute favorite to visit in the gardens, which is also located in House 3. Who knew a little tea house could hold so much joy?


Also, if anyone is interested in hosting an event or wedding, the Buffalo Botanical Gardens does that too! You can head over to their website to find all the needed contact info.