Searching For Succulents in Buffalo, New York

I am hosting a bridal shower at my house next week, and wanted to give succulents as favors for the guests, which led me down a rabbit hole search for places in Buffalo to buy succulents. Plus, I'll take any excuse to walk into a shop that sells plants.

As someone who loves the outdoors and lives in a place with long winters, decorating my space with greenery is a must. I have quite a few succulents and house plants, but I've come to acquire them from mostly succulent-crazed individuals that happen to sell their extra plants through online shops. (I can make a post on my fave online shops to buy succulents as well if anyone is interested.) I wanted to buy local this time around, so I spent a few weeks searching and comparing places in the area, and I found these to be the best spots to buy succulents in the Buffalo, New York area.


Angle Acres

If you died and went to succulent heaven, I'm pretty sure this is what it would look like. Angle Acres is by far the best place to find succulents, and have a wide variety of succulents, cacti, and other house plants. There are three greenhouses you can walk through in your search for the perfect house plant. The coolest thing I found was the plants that took root in the floor of the greenhouse that you can tell had been growing for a long time. 

I bought as many succulents as my hands could carry during my visit. Also, I don't know if they make their own cacti soil (I'm assuming they do), but they had the best soil out of all the places I searched.

Remember to bring cash though, as they do not take card.


Northridge Nursery

While Northridge does not have the biggest selection of succulents, they do have the most affordable ones in the area that I had found. I ended up buying half the succulents I was looking for here because they were not only the cheapest, but some of the healthiest. They also have a nice reward system in place for future purchases, which is always a plus. 


Badding Brothers

Located north of the city, Badding Brothers had well-cared for plants, and the employees were super friendly. They had a nice selection of other house plants which was a plus, and and I picked one up for myself (because you can never have too many, right?)

Daddy’s Plants

A new pop-up shop in Buffalo owned by Billy & Pat. I’ve perused their succulents and house plants a few times as they’ve popped up in different markets and coffee shops throughout the year. One of the things that sets them apart from everyone else in the area is their business plan. Not only can you buy your next plant baby to take home, but you can rent plants for photo shoots, or video shoots as well. How cool is that?! They also have a nice variety of healthy plants to choose from. You can stay up-to-date on where Daddy’s Plants will be housed at next via instagram or website calendar .


Urban Roots

This place is the best location for inner city folk looking for succulents, and the staff are pretty knowledgable. I had been here in the past for some of the educational classes they have had on urban farming and seed starting. They don't have the hugest selection of succulents, but they have the basics, and the cutest succulent arrangements that would make excellent gifts. 


Lockwood's Greenhouse

South of the city, this place a a big selection of succulents, cacti, and other miscellaneous house plants. They actually had the best selection of baby cacti I found, besides Angle Acres. Also, if you're on the search for a hydrangea plant, they have the best variety in the area. 


Mischler's Florist

In the beginning of the spring/summer they have a good selection, but as the season trucks along, they tend to not have as many in stock. The ones they do have though are nice. I have a succulent that has grown exponentially since last year when I bought it here.


Gullo's Garden Center

Gullo's is also just south of the city. They pretty much have everything, and if they don't have it will help you find it. I stop at often for plants in general if I'm in the area. They always have pleasant display of succulents to choose from, and well kept arrangements on hand as well.


Here are a few of the succulents I purchased from my journey around Buffalo. I think my guests at the bridal shower will be pleased.