Apps I Use on Every Trip

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Almost everyone travels with a smart phone these days, so why not utilize the tool you already have to make travel less hectic? I’m all about efficiency and stress-free vacations, so I compiled a list of my favorite apps that I use on every trip in hopes they can help you too!

XE Currency

This app is a must when traveling abroad. It gives you real time exchange rates. The nice thing is you can access the rates even when offline, as it stores the data from the last time it updated.

Lightroom CC

Everyone wants nice vacation photos to remember there trips. Lightroom is my go-to for editing photos I take on my phone quickly. I’m not a professional photographer by any means, but this app makes me feel like one. The plus side to using Lightroom is you can even buy presets from others and add them to enhance your pics.

Genius Scan

You never know when you’re going to need to have a copy of a travel document or receipt. This app makes keeping track of important documents a breeze without lugging round a bunch of paper. You can even save your images in .pdf form for you which is a major plus. I have used this numerous times to keep track of receipts and contact info that needed to be sent to others quickly.


This app will take all your emails associated with your trip and put them in one tidy place for you. I like this app because you can access your itinerary while offline, which sometimes you never know when the next usable wifi spot will come up in some locations. You can also share your itinerary with others, which is a nice add-on. I have noticed that wifi your flight gets delayed or changed, it sometimes won’t update, but otherwise haven’t had many issues.


This app is one of my faves when traveling with a group of people. It helps you keep track of all expenses in one place, which is nice when all those bar tabs and cab rides start adding up. It calculates what everyone owes and is super easy to use. Highly recommend if you’re heading out on a girls getaway or family reunion trip.

Hotel Tonight


Have you ever checked into an Airbnb or hotel and it was NOTHING like it eluded to be? Or somehow your booking got "lost" or flight bumped, or last minute add-on to your trip and now you're stranded in a foreign land? This is seriously my worst nightmare when traveling (Type A personality much?). The app Hotel Tonight can help you with this dilemma, and sells same day hotel stays and usually at a discounted rate.


Always a plus to know how the weather will be when traveling, and this app is my go-to. It is well-targeted so you know when that downpour or hour band of snowfall will hit at your hotel or picnic so you don't get caught in it.


This app is great for anyone who meditates, or simply wants to drown out the noise around them to get a few zzz's. Although you can upgrade for more access to guided meditations, I utilize the free content on a daily basis. I use it in the morning to do a quick mediation before starting my daily tasks. You can set a time to whatever amount you would like, and there is also a calendar that keeps track of the days you have meditated. There are about a dozen background noises to choose from, the thunderstorm and pouring rain being my favorites.


I try to stick to a some sort of workout routine when I'm on the road, and this app is great for runners. I'm honestly use this app as a guide for walks around neighborhoods I am not familiar with. It is a way to see good sidewalk access, and gets me into neighborhoods I normally wouldn't have ventured in otherwise which is always a plus.


The nice thing about using Uber when abroad, is you don't have to worry about getting ripped off my taxi drivers. The fare is taken from your credit card directly through the app, so no need to deal with haggling for a ride. If you're not on board with Uber, there are other apps that are similar. Just do your research before to see what is utilized in the country you will be staying in.

Google Translate

While no translation app is going to be perfect (yet anyway), this one if my favorite to use. I have had difficulties with the photo translation, it gives you enough to get the point across. The nice things about the app is it will translate into over 100 languages.


The Yelp app is big in the states, but when crossing over to Europe, Zomato is the more common app individuals use to leave reviews for meals.