9 Places to Travel in 2019





The previous years have been a bit tumultuous with civil unrest in Egypt, but things have settled down recently and now is a great time to visit. Also a new museum, the Grand Egyptian Museum, will be opening early 2019. It will house the complete collection of Tutankhamun's tomb. Check out the Great Pyramids in the morning and head out into the city for some local cuisine. Or head down the Nile River via a luxury cruise and check out the impressive archaeological sites such as the Temple of Edfu and Abu Simbel temples


 Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is finally starting to hit an upswing after the destruction of Hurricane Maria. You can find some good deals on the island for accommodation and is family friendly. Activities include hiking in El Yunque National Forest, walking around the colorful Old San Juan, or snorkeling off the east coast. Also, if you love coffee, Puerto Rico has you covered. Enjoy a cup while as you walk the beach enjoying a peaceful sunrise. 



With the announcement of Southwest adding a route to Hawaii, other airlines have started slashing prices to the tropical destination. You can find really good flight deals right now, which makes a solid option for an affordable destination in 2019. Each of the islands offer something a little different, but I am partial to the Big Island. You can hike the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park during the day, stop to see turtles sunbathing on Punalu’u Black Sand Beach before heading up the mountain to stargaze at the Mauna Kea Observatory




The country has gotten a bad rep over the years in the media, but major strides have been made in terms of safe travel. Colombia has over 300 beaches alongside the Carribean Sea and Pacific Ocean which gives you an abundance of activites to choose from such as diving or surfing. Cartagena is a city full of life, street art, and delicious local cuisine. Take a tour to a coffee plantation to sip on a fresh cup of the country’s sought-after beverage, or head into the rainforest to spot rare plants and animals. Colombia also is home to one of the world’s biggest carnival, Barranquilla Festival held around the first week of March every year. 



Sri Lanka

With 26 different National Parks, Sri Lanka is a great spot to do some wildlife spotting. If you’re lucky, you can see sloth bears, leopards, and whales. Chill on one of the majestic looking beaches and you might spot an elephant playing in the water. Head inward and visit a tea plantation, like the estate in Haputale where Lipton first started. Walk the beautiful shops by the UNESCO Galle Fort or climb Sigiriya Rock if you’re looking for a little more adventure. 



Fushimi Inari Taisha.jpg


The culture of Japan has always fascinated me, from the fashion scene in Tokyo to the ancient history of Kyoto. The great thing about this country is the convenience of mass transit. You can station yourself in a major city and still take numerous day trips to other towns without having to rent a vehicle. Top destinations include Arashiyama bamboo forest and Kinkaku-ji temple in Kyoto, Mount Fuji, Nara’s deer park, Osaka’s castle, and Tokyo’s Shibuya District




It used to be a bit harder to get here, but British Airways now has direct flights from London to Seychelles. When you take a look at the pristine ocean views for the first time off the plane, there is no doubt as to why Seychelles houses some of the world’s best hotels. Taste some local creole dishes or test your deep-sea fishing skills. You can also search for the Aldabra tortoise, Seychelles native turtle on the Cousin and Curieuse islands. 




Whether you love the outdoors, or more of a history buff, Scotland is the land of both. Head up north to the Highlands and take a whiskey tour or hike the gorgeous hillside that is rich in castles and storybook landscapes. For a good party, walk the cobblestone streets of Edinburgh and the cities famous castle during Hogmanay to see the city light up with celebration. 



The beautiful landscapes the country has to offer is one of many reasons Chile, specifically the Patagonia region, has been on the top of everyone’s travel lists lately. If you love the outdoors, there is a plethora of things to do. Highlights include the Atacama DesertTorres del Paine National Park, Tierra del Fuego National Park, and Los Glaciares National Park. Enjoy a glass of wine in Chile’s wine country, or go boutique shopping in Santiago. You can also take a trip over to the Chilean territory, Easter Island, to see the famous moai statues.