9 Photogenic Spots in Buffalo, New York

Shark Girl Instagrammable Buffalo New York

Shark Girl

44 Prime St

A visit to Buffalo wouldn’t be complete without posing for a photo with Shark Girl. The sculpture was created by artist Casey Riordan Millard and spent some time in Ohio before she came to call Buffalo her home. You can find her hanging out in the newly renovated Canalside.

Photogenic Albright Knox Buffalo NY

Albright Knox & Hoyt Lake

1285 Elmwood Ave

The outside of the Albright Knox Art Museum is just as photogenic as the inside. There are a handful of sculptures strewn throughout the premises. One of my favorites for a portrait background is “Stacked Revision Structure” by Liam Gillick found on the backside of the museum. Hoyt Lake brings it full circle with a perfect backdrop for a morning stroll. Spring is particularly special when all the flowers and trees start to bloom.

Photo Courtesy of The Buffalo News

Photo Courtesy of The Buffalo News

Misuta Chow’s

521 Main St.

A restaurant, a bar, and best of all, an arcade. Misuta Chow’s is a nice hangout for friends visiting the city. Between the Japanese inspired décor, skee-ball, and the obligatory instagrammable pink stairwell, this place will not disappoint. 

Buffalo Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens

2655 South Park Ave

The Buffalo Botanical Gardens is one of my favorite buildings to look at. It is one of the few larger Victorian conservatories found in the States. Not only is the tri-dome esthetically pleasing, but once inside you can find cute seating among the flora, and even an oversized checkerboard to play.

Buffalo Wall Murals

Noodle in the Northern Lights

710 Main St

Colorful murals are hidden all over the city if you know where to look. One of my favorites is at the corner of Tupper and Main on the building of Shae’s Performing Arts Center. The mural was created in part of the Albright Knox Art Gallery’s Public Art initiative back in 2016 by Jessie Unterhalter and Katey Truhn.

Photo Courtesy of  Public Espresso Instagram

Photo Courtesy of Public Espresso Instagram

Public Espresso

391 Washington St

If you’re in need of a coffee break, one of my favorite downtown coffee shops is Public Espresso.  Not only are their lattes Instagram worthy, but the baristas are super friendly and know their stuff. Located in the Lafayette Building downtown, Public Espresso is a perfect stop before heading down to City Hall for the 12pm architectural tour of the building.

Darwin Martin House

Darwin Martin House

125 Jewett Pkwy

Back in the day Buffalo was a hub for the rich, and you can see that through the money that was put into the architecture. One of my favorite Frank Lloyd Wright buildings resides right here in Buffalo, the Darwin Martin House. The outside of the building has clean, crisp lines that are seen in all of Wrights architecture. Inside the house, you’ll also find a replica of the well-known sculpture “The Winged Victory of Samothrace” basking in natural light waiting for you to take a selfie with.

Photo Courtesy of Albright Knox

Photo Courtesy of Albright Knox

Outer Harbor & Wilkeson Point

225 Fuhrmann Boulevard

If you are looking for a place to sunset watch, or get a good view of the Buffalo’s skyline, Outer Harbor has you covered. It also houses Robert Indiana’s Numbers One Through Zero piece, which is a fun way to document birthdays or anniversaries.

Wall Mural Buffalo NY

Greetings From Buffalo

461 Ellicott Street

Another great mural is on the side of Washington market. The “Greetings From Buffalo” mural was conceived by Buffalonian Casey William Milbrand and looks like a colorful postcard. Visiting this piece of artwork can easily be paired with a stop at Big Ditch Brewing Company for some brews as it is within walking distance.

Niagara Falls NY

Bonus: Niagara Falls, New York

Niagara Falls, NY  14303

About 30 minutes outside of the city, you’ll find Niagara Falls State Park. Ignoring the fact that it is pretty touristy, one can’t deny how photogenic the Falls are any time of the year. To get close up shot of Niagara Falls, stay on the USA side. For a good panoramic view, head over the border to Canada- don’t forget your passport!