Best Places to Buy Engagement Rings Around the World

When it comes to engagement rings, everyone has heard of the big box stores such as Tiffany & Co, Cartier, and Blue Nile. While these consumer giants are worth checking out, you may risk having the same ring design as your best friend or soon to be sister-in-law as their engagement rings are sold at higher volumes. Yet if you try to venture out to find a smaller ring designer, you run the risk of buying a ring that you aren’t sure where materials were sourced. So I compiled a list of my favorite ethically sourced engagement ring designers around the world for you!


Paulette à Bicyclette


An artisan jeweler based in Paris & Lyon, France. Using diamonds and brightly colored gemstones, the rings are more of a bohemian style. All their jewelry is made to order. They have wonderful textured wedding bands as well, which are a great option for same sex couples looking for a more simple yet sophisticated band to propose with. Bookings fill up fast with orders, so try to plan in advance. You can check out some of their work over on instagram.

Image from Anna Sheffield’s  Website

Image from Anna Sheffield’s Website

Anna Sheffield

United States

Originally from the Southwest, Anna Sheffield crafts meaningful pieces of jewelry layered with style and meaning. Even though the company has grown over the years, spanning into New York City and Los Angeles, the company regularly donates to help protect Native American land, wildlife, and waters within New Mexico through the Future Heritage Project.

Image from Lauren Wolf’s  Website

Image from Lauren Wolf’s Website

Lauren Wolf

United States

Perfecting her craft in Mexico before starting a jewelry business, Lauren Wolf is one of the more well-known companies on the list with celebrities (such as The Walking Dead’ Steven Yueng & Joana Pak). Designs are inspired by her travels and ancient anthropological roots, which you can see in her unconventional engagement rings. Check out her little pieces of art over on her instagram page.

Image from Capucinne’s  Website

Image from Capucinne’s Website



Located in Ljubljana, Slovenia, this shop started out as MinimalVS on Etsy. Although the shop is still there, they grew into Capucinne, which caters to alternative styled engagement rings. They have gorgeous custom designs, and numerous gemstones and settings to choose from.

Image from Thomas Dillons’  Website

Image from Thomas Dillons’ Website

Thomas Dillons


This is the place to go if you are looking for a traditional Irish wedding ring. They are also extremely affordable. Thomas Dillons is the oldest store still in existence in Ireland making the traditional Claddagh ring. All rings are handmade in their workshop, and the Claddagh rings are stamped inside at the Dublin castle showing the originality as well.

Image from Emily Gill’s  Instagram

Image from Emily Gill’s Instagram

Emily Gill


Emily is an alternative style ring designer based out of Toronto, Canada. Some of the beautiful designs you can find on her instagram and website personally remind me of the Roaring Twenties. Emily is able to custom make any design you are looking for, and loves working with numerous types of diamonds, quartz, and other gemstones.

Image from Valerie Madison’s  Website

Image from Valerie Madison’s Website

Valerie Madison Jewelry

United States

Valerie Madison is kicking ass as a black Latina jewelry designer and business owner out of Seattle, Washington. Valerie designs engagement rings catering to the minimalist bride, but will custom make anything with your specific needs in mind. You can also find her wares in the Smithsonian Museum of African American History and Culture in D.C.

Image from Ash Hilton’s  Instagram

Image from Ash Hilton’s Instagram

Ash Hilton

New Zealand

Ash Hilton is a family run business based in New Zealand. While they do have the traditional diamond engagement ring, they also offer beautiful woodland inspired wedding rings as well. Perfect options for the travel obsessed couples! You can check out their instagram to see what other etchings they have done for previous customers.

Image from Glasswing Jewellery’s  Website

Image from Glasswing Jewellery’s Website

Glasswing Jewellery

United Kingdom

A registered Fairtrade Metalsmith, Kate Pearse’s workshop is in South Devon, United Kingdom. She uses sea glass alongside other precious stones to create contemporary style rings. It’s worth noting Kate’s workshop is also 100% vegan friendly as well! Most rings are made-to-order, but you can see previous pieces over on instagram.

Image from Sofia Zakia’s  Website

Image from Sofia Zakia’s Website

Sofia Zakia


If you are looking for mystical, Universe inspired engagement rings, this artist is a solid option. Sofia Zakia, based out of Montreal, caters to the alternative bride. She uses ethically sourced materials to magically express duality in each of her ring designs. She also regularly donates proceeds to better her Canadian community, which you can read more about here.

Image from Cross Jewelers  Website

Image from Cross Jewelers Website

Cross Jewelers

United States

Cross Jewelers carries rings with settings that cater to individuals with active lifestyles. They are a big retailer for local tourmaline, especially the SparHawk Tourmaline, which has a beautiful minty green hue. They also offer pink, teal, blue, and watermelon tourmaline rings among other gemstones and diamonds. Their storefront is located in Portland, Maine.

Image from Covenant’s  Website

Image from Covenant’s Website



Located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Covenant creates ethically sourced engagement rings and wedding bands. All work done in their store is created by locals, and they pride themselves on bringing up the next generation of jewelers in the area and positively socially impacting the local community. The rings showcased are of classic designs with a modern approach, which you can see on their website.

Image from Susie Saltzman’s  Instagram

Image from Susie Saltzman’s Instagram

Susie Saltzman

United States

When it comes to New York City, most everyone automatically thinks of Tiffany’s as the best place to buy an engagement ring. While many dream of receiving the infamous little blue box, Suzie Saltzman remains one of my favorites to order a custom engagement ring. The owner, Susie, previously worked for Tiffany’s Product Development before starting her own venture into fine jewelry making. The companies instagram gives a good feel of what you can design alongside her.