A Guide to Buffalo, New York

Buffalo, New York has always been somewhat of the underdog, yet in the last couple years, the city has made major strides in every category. It made Forbes list of Top 100 Places to Stay in 2018. It is home to nationally recognized businesses which include Buffalo Proper, where you can head to for some of the best cocktails the city has to offer. Other recognized chefs and business owners are bringing the love back home. Oh, and did I mention we also have one of the best galleries of modern art in the states? I'm proud to call this "Nickel City" my home, and wanted to compile a guide to inspire others to come and experience what this city has to offer.


buffalo is built around art

One of the things people don’t realize when first visiting, is this city loves art. Local artist are welcomed with open arms, and street art has been transforming the city into a vibrant state lately. Wall murals have been popping up everywhere the last couple years, which you can read about my favorites here. The architecture is consistently inspiring with places like Frank Lloyd Wright’s Darwin Martin House. We also have Albright Knox, one of the oldest museums in the nation that houses modern art (and will be undergoing a major expansion soon).


Morning Jolt

One of the things that has improved immensely with Buffalo’s resurgance is the coffee scene. New coffee shops have popped up all over the last couple years. Some of my personal favorites are Roots Coffee and Tea on Hertel in North Buffalo, and Public Espresso in the heart of downtown (with more locations in the works). More of a tea drinker? Head over to Angelica Tea Room, a cocktail bar that also serves afternoon tea.


get your nature on

Buffalo is found on the shores of the Great Lakes, which not only sets a nice backdrop for photographers, but also gives the area a wide range of landscape for wildlife and hiking. Read my post on walking through the Buffalo Botanical Gardens for some nature and architectural inspiration. Head over to Tifft Nature Preserve for a morning stroll, or take advantage of our location on the lake which offers abundant birding around the city.